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Publication TitlesPublication Titles
American Merchant Seaman's Manual
American Practical Navigator / Bowditch
Atlas of Pilot Charts - Pub 105 - South Atlantic
Atlas of Pilot Charts - Pub 106 North Atlantic & Caribbean
Atlas of Pilot Charts - Pub 107 -South Pacific
Atlas of Pilot Charts - Pub 108 -North Pacific
Atlas of Pilot Charts - Pub 109 - Indian Ocean
CFR #33 (parts 1-124)
CFR #33 (parts 125-199)
CFR #33 (parts 200-end)
CFR #46 (parts 001-040)
CFR #46 (parts 041-069)
CFR #46 (parts 070-089)
CFR #46 (parts 090-139)
CFR #46 (parts 140-155)
CFR #46 (parts 156-165)
CFR #46 (parts 166-199)
CFR #46 (parts 200-499)
CFR #46 (parts 500-end)
CFR #47 (parts 80-end)
CFR #49 (parts 100-185)
Chart #1 Symbols and Abbreviations
Chart Correction Kit (transfers)
Chart Correction Template (DMA 9998)
Coast Pilot 1 Eastport to Cape Cod
Coast Pilot 2 Cape Cod to Sandy Hook
Coast Pilot 3 SandyHook to Cape Henry
Coast Pilot 4 Cape Henry to Key West
Coast Pilot 5 Gulf of Mexico, Virgin Isl, Puerto Rico
Coast Pilot 6 Great Lakes
Coast Pilot 7 Pacific West Coast, Hawaii, AmSamoa,Guam
Coast Pilot 8 Dixon Entrance to Cape Spencer
Coast Pilot 9 Cape Spencer to Beaufort Sea
Correction Record Cards/100pak
Cruising Guide to Hawaiian Islands
Current Tables - Pacific Coast of N America and Asia
Distance Between Ports Pub 151
Formulae for Mariner
French Polynesia - Guide to Navigation
Int'l Code of Signals Pub 102
Landfalls of Paradise
Light List- Pacific Coast & Pacific Islands - Vol. 6
Maneuvering Board (pad of 50)
Merchant Marine Officers Handbook
Nautical Almanac
Navigation Rules
Radar Transfer Plotting Pad 5089A
Radio Navigation Aids Pub 117
Sailing Directions 120 Pacific (Planning)
Sailing Directions 126 Pacific (Enroute)
Sight Reduction 229V2 15-30deg
Sight Reduction 229V3 30-45 deg
Sight Reduction 249V1 Stars
Sight Reduction 249V2 (0-40deg)
Stability & Trim (George/ref.LaDage)
Tide Tables - Central and Western Pacific and Indian Ocean
Tide Tables - West coast of North and South America, Hawaii
VPOS - Plotting Pads

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