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Instruments for charts and topos
Beam Compass W&P with case
Beam compass extension
Chart case W&P telescopic (3" diameter)
Compass 7" Nickel
Course Plotter W&P
Divider 7" nickel
Divider 7" Ultralight W&P
Divider 8" Straight Pattern
Divider - 10 point adjustable
Lead sharpening pad for divider points
Leads replacements for Ultralight divider (15 leads/pk)
Map scale ruler set for USGS topos
Map scale ruler set for nautical charts
Parallel plotter (compact)
Parallel Plotter
Parallel Rules
Protractor (3-arm) WeemsZweng
Protractor triangle - wihout handle
Protractor triangle with handle
Starfinder 2101-D with case
UTM Corner rulers overlay (for topos)
UTM pocket size corner rulers (for topo)
UTM Improved military style coord sc (for topo)
UTM grid for 1:24k/ pocket size (for topo)

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