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Bryan's Sectional

The Bryan's Sectional Maps of O'ahu, revised and published annually since 1943, is in its 69th year of publication. It is widely used by State, county and emergency personnel who need the latest information available in a street atlas format.

The mapbook includes 122 maps covering all streets and roadways on the island of Oahu in addition to 14 detailed maps of downtown Honolulu through Waikiki. It also locates government buildings, hotels, schools, military bases, churches, hospitals, museums, parking areas, other points of interest and the projected rail route. Maps are presented in a three color format with the rail route highlighted in red. A full index of over 80 pages covers streets followed by points of interest, divided into separate categories.

2016 edition Available in two sizes:
          Standard edition - 5 x 8 inches $11.95
          Enlarged edition - 11 x 8 inches $15.95

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